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Promote an unfiltered web by telling the world that you read blocked blogs!


For now we will use this wiki page to develop ideas for promoting an unfiltered web during Blocked Blogs Week (June 29th - July 5th, 2008)

The initial blog post from Stephanie Sandifer about this project.
The original call for buttons from Bud The Teacher

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I Read Blocked Blogs Button

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You can also find more great button designs at Adrian Bruce's blog post response to Bud.

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Stephanie Sandifer
Change Agency

Standard Tag:

For all blog posts & bookmarks to relevant sites related to filtering/blocking access to any Read/Write Web sites: blocked_blogs




To promote awareness of the need for more informed filtering of the Read/Write Web for all learners. We recognize that some material on the internet is not appropriate and in some cases is harmful to children and adolescents. However, we are opposed to blanket bans on all Read/Write Web resources such as blogs, wikis, and some social networking tools. Read/Write Web resources provide valuable and necessary experience with 21st Century communication and collaboration tools, and we believe that it is in the best interests of our learners if we take the time to TEACH them how to use these tools appropriately, safely, effectively, and efficiently rather than just block their use altogether.


Include links here to specific resources within the larger ad4dcss wiki
Include links to external research-based resources related to access, filtering, and online safety

Get Involved

Ideas for action and advocacy activities -- Please add more!

  • Write letters to state education policy makers to educate them about the need for more informed decisions around filtering/blocking access to Read-Write Web resources. (Need draft of form letter that advocates can copy and edit for their particular needs.)
  • Meet with parents to discuss online safety and the need for access to Read/Write Web resources for student learning & experience with 21st Century literacy and skills. (language can be changed in that sentence -- feel free to edit!)
  • Purchase "I Read Blocked Blogs" mousepads and give them as gifts to district IT leaders.
  • Purchase "I Read Blocked Blogs" mugs, stuff them with written requests to unblock specific resources (, with solid rationale behind request (don't forget to throw in some candy or chocolates!), then send them to district IT leaders.
  • Place "I Read Blocked Blogs" stickers (or buttons or magnets) in appropriate places around the convention center at NECC (appropriate places = booths of vendors who sell filtering software.)


Need to develop toolkits that advocates can download to use offline (brochures, posters, one-page flyers, etc.)