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  • Digital basics: browsers, search engines, e-mail
  • Evaluating online resources; accuracy, security, etc.
  • Exploring and developing online learning modes and distance education

Not only must students be literate, but schools must be literate in how to effectively USE technology to teach. In this example, recorded by Mike Wesh, Kansas State University, Anthropology Professor, was created in a Google Doc and then filmed by the entire class. While some use it to say, "look at the mistakes we are making with technology," others point out the irelevance of an outdated educational model.

We must all become digitally literate and committed to excellence.

I would like to nominate this video: A Vision of K-12 Students Today as more appropriate for the K-12 level. It draws on the work of Wesch (based on the one above), Draper and Fisch. Created by B Nesbitt.

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  • Open PD is by Darren Draper and Robin Ellis and allows teachers around the world to connect together and learn about using social software using social software. It is free and open.

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