A place for us to share videos that help promote change. These videos may be in this wiki, or only listed on this page, however, this page is intended to aggregate the best videos for promoting Digital Citizenship, Safety, and Success in schools.

After taking submissions, we plan to have a voting "contest" to determine the top 10 videos that educators feel promote Digital Citizenship, Safety, and Success. We want to spread the word for positive change in ways that are academically excellent and promote safety for the students involved. Add your submission below.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

Mr. Mayo and his 8th grade students explain their Exploding Walls Project and the power of using Web2.0 in the classroom.

Cyberbullying-talent show
"OK Lindsie..., you're up...."
"Today we are going to talk about Pattie... online... in ways we wouldn't say it in person." :-)

Added by Kiwanji, 4-22-08, 12:40 EST.
How about students using Google Earth to get a feel for the world around them. Too many students never leave their neighborhoods, especially in lower SES groups. Ideas such as using GE to track Lewis and Clark, Marco Polo, the invasion of Normandy, etc. How about mapping their route to school? North vs. south instead of up and down. These skills aren't taught much, if at all, anymore - I know, I was a social studies teacher and was told not to, we had a test to get ready for. This video shows what GE can do and it inspires GE's use.